Judith Regan

Having already single-handedly expanded the reading populace of America, world-renowned book publisher Judith Regan brings her irrepressible style to FOX News Channel's Judith Regan Tonight.

During the show, Regan conducts one-on-one interviews and heated roundtable discussions on the issues of the day with a cross section of "A-list" celebrities and newsmakers — from Hollywood, professional sports, the business world and the political arena.

In addition to her stint at FOX News, Regan is the president and publisher of the Regan Company, where she is known for publishing best-selling, award-winning and controversial books from a wide range of authors including Wally Lamb, Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, Marilu Henner, Judge Robert H. Bork, World Wrestling Federation's Mankind and The Rock, Jackie Collins, Doug Coupland and Dr. Barry Sears. Previously, she served as vice president and senior editor of Simon and Schuster. Regan also spent time as a reporter and television producer, working on such shows as Geraldo and Entertainment Tonight.

A graduate of Vassar College, Regan lives in Manhattan and is the mother of two.