Judge Not...

What would you do if I bumped into you in a restaurant and, out of nowhere, I started lecturing you on what you were eating?

What if I said something like, "Go for the salad, skip the dessert."

Well, if you took one look at me, you'd say, "Neil, you've got to be kidding," and probably throw at the least a dinner roll at me.

And you'd be perfectly right. I'm not fit to judge. I'm not going to judge.

But apparently that doesn't apply to the Europeans who are upset over this whole United Airlines mess. They were dead set against any federal loan guarantees for the airline.

They must be happy now, because UAL didn't get them. But it got me thinking. Who are these knuckleheads to lecture anyone on bailouts, or government help?

They've got a government entity, the European commission, whose sole purpose in life is protecting, no, "coddling" their own businesses.

Remember Honeywell and GE? That merger scrapped because the French, for one, thought it would stifle competition there.

You have got to be kidding. You're so damn busy looking after your own companies that you've forgotten your own consumers who might appreciate better prices and better products. Pity they'll never see them because you're self-centered, self-serving, self-perpetuating losers.

If that's your thing to protect your things, so be it. I just say, shut up about it.

Don't lecture anyone on protecting, when you wrote the book.

Don't condemn anyone on coddling, when you made it an art form.

And don't rip anyone for being anti-competitive when you wouldn't know competition if it stared you in your sorry, socialistic, self-perpetuating puss. Because the last time I checked, you guys weren't exactly firing on all financial cylinders.

I won't lecture you on good food. France, don't even begin to lecture me on good business.

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