Jon Stewart Mocks Speaking Truth to Power

So last week Jon Stewart announced he was going to hold a rally of his own in Washington, D.C., to restore reason, sanity or whatever.

Here he is making the announcement:


JON STEWART, HOST: For tonight I announce the Rally to Restore Sanity.


It is happening, people! It is happening! It is happening! A real gathering!

We will gather — we will gather in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. — a million moderate march.


It's a cute idea. Not as good as a gay bar next to a mosque, but it's an appropriate, hipster response to the Tea Parties and Glenn Beck's thing.

It's exactly the thing that that bald, nerdy guy in glasses from The New York Times subscription commercial might attend and feel totally good about himself afterward.

Which raises an interesting question: Would Stewart have announced his event if those other events had a decidedly liberal tilt?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Nooooooooooo.

Which makes the jokiness wear off . Think about it: What Stewart is doing is not speaking truth to power, but poking fun of the people who are speaking truth to power. I mean, Stewart isn't going after politicians, he's mocking people who are. While the Tea Party is a bottom-up phenomenon, Stewart is actually on top looking down. His is a reaction from the establishment, not against.

Here's proof: Yesterday Democrats actually complained that Stewart's rally will hurt the Democrats' chances. They worry their supporters will be more inclined to hit the rally before the election rather than campaign.

Translation: Stewart will harm the establishment left because he is the establishment left.

So that doesn't make Stewart brave. It makes him a toady.

But no surprise. This is what passes for rebellion in media, which is really just making fun of people in fanny packs who prefer Sarah Palin over Sarah Silverman.

I'm with them on the fanny packs, though. They suck.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobic, Islamophobic urophobe.

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