John Edward Goes From Psychic to Pulpit

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The psychic medium who became famous as the host of the hit TV show "Crossing Over" (search) is now teaching people how to pray.

In his new book "Practical Praying" (search), John Edward (search) writes about how to incorporate prayer into everyday life and pray with purpose and a specific outcome in mind.

“If you’re praying practically, it just means that you’re bringing in prayer energy to your everyday life and praying with intention,” Edward told FOX News this week.

The book documents the history of the rosary as a prayer tool and talks about how Edward has used rosary beads to focus on and tap into the power of prayer.

Until the release of his book, the medium — who is Catholic — said he avoided bringing religion into his work connecting with people who have died and gone to “the other side.”

“I’ve been very non-denominational when it comes to my work and religion,” Edward told FOX. “I didn’t want it to seem like you have to be Catholic to have a belief in the afterlife or you have to be Catholic and pray the rosary to be able to connect with the other side … I’ve always felt it was very, very private and personal and didn’t really want to discuss it.”

Instead, he said, he approached what he did on the TV show from a more scientific perspective.

“I’ve always looked at my work as being more energy-based and scientific,” he told FOX.

As for critics who accuse him and other psychic mediums of being at odds with religion and the concept of a higher power, Edward said the opposite is actually true.

“My belief in God has only strengthened because of the work that I do,” he told FOX. “It goes hand in hand.”

FOX News' Catherine Donaldson-Evans, Steve Doocy, E.D. Hill and Brian Kilmeade contributed to this report.

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