Living a life free of Prozac (search), drugs and alcohol has helped comedian Jim Carrey (search) deal with depression (search), he told the CBS program "60 Minutes."

Carrey said he took Prozac for a long time but it didn't cure his depression.

"I had to get off at a certain point because I realized that ... everything is just OK," Carrey said in an interview with "60 Minutes" reporter Steve Kroft at his home in Brentwood, parts of which aired Friday on KCBS-TV.

"There are peaks, there are valleys, but they're all kind of carved and smoothed out ... It feels like a low level of despair you live in where you're not getting any answers but you're living OK and you can smile at the office."

Carrey said he is living without the perks from drugs and alcohol.

"I rarely drink coffee. I am very serious about no alcohol, no drugs," he said. "Life is too beautiful."

Carrey's film credits include "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "The Mask" and "The Truman Show."