Jesse Jackson Goes Over the Line

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Jesse Jackson goes over the line. That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

Speaking to the Washington Times, Jackson insulted every law enforcement officer in this country when he said, quote, "there is a pattern of African-Americans being beaten by the militia and killed by the militia," closed quote.  Jackson is now referring to the police in America as right-wing fascist militia.

He goes on, quote: "Unarmed citizens being beaten and killed by the militia is an act of terrorism," closed quote.

And that's true. If innocent civilians are being systematically beaten in any country, that is terror. But it is not happening here in the USA and Jackson knows it. According to Justice Department statistics, 44 million people had contact with the police in 1999, the latest stats available. Less than one percent of the 44 million contacts resulted in the police using force. Among African-Americans, two percent of those that had contact with police were involved in a force-related situation.

Those are incredibly small numbers in a nation this large and diverse. Jesse Jackson knows that. He knows police brutality is rare and it cuts across all racial lines. Jackson doesn't care. He is bent on causing as much damage to America as he possibly can. He is subversive and intellectually dishonest. Jesse Jackson makes millions from the misery industry. The more people he can convince to follow him, the more money he makes. Think about it.

Jackson is dependent on racial incidents for his power base. He needs discord in order to prosper. The latest Census says that the earning power of African-Americans in stable relationships is nearly that of whites in the same circumstance. Have you ever heard Jesse Jackson talk about that? Have you ever heard him talk about the collapsing school system, in which 60 percent of black fourth-graders can't read primarily because Jackson and the teachers' unions opposes strict academic standards.

I sincerely believe that most Americans of every race understand what's going on here. Jackson doesn't care about everyday Americans. He doesn't care about police brutality. When The Factor broadcast a tape of the cops whaling on a white guy in Georgia last week, Jackson didn't say a word.

Jesse Jackson cares about keeping blacks and whites divided. He wants to polarize in order to keep his power. Demonizing American law enforcement, insulting the officers killed, protecting all Americans, denigrating millions of his fellow citizens who do serve and protect. You want a definition of terrorism? That may be it, Mr. Jackson. That's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

A new study on marriage has data on what we knew already, that husbands soon forget marital spats but women always remember, right, guys? A team of psychologists assessed both men and women for their ability to recall arguments. And ladies had all the details of all the fights while the men were clueless. The conclusion that the brains of women are wired to feel and recall emotions more keenly. But can the ladies tell you who won the World Series two years ago? No, they can't. If they could, it would be ridiculous.

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