Jesse Jackson Exploiting MJ

Jesse Jackson (search) exploiting Michael Jackson, that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Well, it took Jesse Jackson only a short time to make a complete fool out of himself after the Michael Jackson (search) verdict came in. Here is what the reverend is peddling.


REVEREND JESSE JACKSON, CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST: You had the talk show hosts, whether it was Nancy Grace or O'Reilly, and a thousand others, saying Michael was guilty over and over again. On Court TV, Michael is guilty. And yet, in the courtroom, they discern opinions and impressions from fact and evidence.


O'REILLY: Well, in my case, that's a flat-out lie. I've put forth time and time again, on radio and TV, that Jackson's constitutional right to the presumption of innocence had to be respected. Here's what I said to Gloria Allred (search) in March of 2004.


O'REILLY: This guy might be found not guilty. I mean, he might be innocent. I mean, and he has the presumption of that in our society. Would it be grossly unfair to go in and take his children away from him without a definition on what he did or did not do?


O'REILLY: So, to no one's surprise, Jesse Jackson once again does not tell the truth and tries to exploit a tragedy for personal gain. And that's what the Michael Jackson story is, a tragedy. There are no winners in the case, except for Tom Mesereau (search), Jackson's attorney.

Jackson himself is a zombie. The accuser's life is a mess. The public is subjected to a horrendous sideshow, and the nation is embarrassed abroad. An overnight snap poll shows that nearly half the country thinks Michael Jackson is guilty. But it breaks down along racial lines once again. Only 26 percent of non-white Americans feel Jackson molested the boy.

So there is yet another racial split which can be exploited by Jesse Jackson and others like him. "Talking Points" is fed up with dishonest individuals in the media and race-hustlers who are feeding a bunch of bull to the American public. Anyone trying to injure a person in order to make money is going to be spotlighted on this broadcast and confronted.

Exploitation is rampant in the Jackson case and every other celebrity controversy. Enough's enough. We're going to call out the charlatans, starting with Jesse Jackson, no matter where we find them.

And that's the "Memo."

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