Jan. 8: Keeping the Faith

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Saturday, Jan. 8:

After the incomprehensible loss in Southeast Asia in the tsunami aftermath, many people of faith might be asking how such massive destruction can occur. Anne Graham Lotz, founder of AnGeL Ministries (search) and daughter of the evangelist Billy Graham joins “Heartland” to share ways to keep your faith strong after a tragedy, like we’ve seen in South Asia.

Plus, we’ll tell you about the case of the teenage boy in Michigan who faces felony (search) charges after the baseball bat beating death of the fetus being carried by his teenage girlfriend. Why is the girlfriend, who was a willing participant in the induced abortion not being charged? We’ll look for an explanation.

And could a Boston street gang have ties to Al Qaeda (search)? We’ll investigate.

These stories and more on this Saturday's "Heartland."

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