Hello fashionistas!

Or should I say, hello Charlie!! One of the perks of my job is getting to chat with some of Hollywood ’s most amazing stars, and this week I met a legend. Whether you know her as an angel or a Kmart queen, Jaclyn Smith was a must meet.

And what a woman! Not only is she a famous actress, but she’s created a booming fashion line at Kmart that's not only affordable but stylish. And in an economy like this, that's something we all love.

She started the line with the idea of giving back— a line that would provide women clothing that would not only have a great price tag but great quality! As a result the line is a huge success. I was curious though, does Jaclyn herself wear it? Absolutely.

She feels fashion should be stylish but affordable and those who have innate style like herself can mix their own high-end pieces with her Kmart styles. She actually prefers this saying that an entire Chanel suit for example, can look like a costume. On the other hand, pairing the jacket with her Kmart leather skirt looks fabulous.

So I asked her what items she CAN'T live without out. Jaclyn didn't hesitate, and as she listed them for me, I found her choices to be true essentials.

Jaclyn's Style Must Haves

- A pair of classic black pants

- A great black t-neck

- A basic black blazer

- A feminine dress

What really makes her feel like herself and pulls her outfits together, is her personal jewelry, specifically her family pieces. She also loves a great belt (to wear with her favorite pleated pants) and her purse collection.

Her family loves the line too. She told me a story about her daughter wearing a gorgeous pair of pink pants with a basic white tank and an amazing belt. When Jaclyn asked who she was wearing she said, "You, mom." As she always says, "Style is forever, but fashion is fleeting." And if you know how to put an outfit together, her line is a must try!

If you love Jaclyn's list of must-haves, check out MY favorite black pants, t-necks, blazer and feminine dresses, featured in the pictures above. Also check out Jaclyn's line at kmart.com.

Happy shopping!

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