Jacko Letter To First Accuser Verified

Eleven years ago, pop superstar Michael Jackson was 35 years old when he was busy corresponding to a 13-year-old. That boy wound up receiving a $23 million settlement from Jackson after accusing him of child molestation.

Now, with a book by the boy's uncle about to be published, more detailed information is coming out about this "Dangerous" and "Bad" episode in the singer's life.

Ray Chandler, author of "All That Glitters," includes in his self-published tome a letter from Michael to the boy. I verified the letter yesterday, and present here for you, dear reader, to draw your own conclusions.

"[Boy's name], you're not only my cousin but also my best friend. I can't stop loving your mother and sister. I have found true love in all of you. If more people were like us the world would change instantly. I have such golden dreams for you. I want you to be a giant in the industry. You are my new inspiration. I love you. Doo doo head. Applehead. Disneyland soon.

Love, doo doo.
Call soon, bye, doo doo head. Tell Mom I love her."

Of course, Jackson and the boy were most certainly not cousins. According to Chandler, the letter was shown to him and his brother, the boy's father, by the boy's mother. I was able to verify that yesterday as well.

Much of "All That Glitters" will be found suspect by readers. The author is definitely out to make money from it. And since I first reported the contents of the book on Friday, I've had many calls from people who swear the author and his brother, who is bound by a onfidentiality agreement with Jackson, are in cahoots. There is no way of knowing if this is true. Ray Chandler insists he and his brother are estranged.

Whether or not the boy's father in this story is avaricious, self serving or just greedy, it doesn't really matter, though, does it? The fact is, the gist of what Ray Chandler has written in "All That Glitters" appears to be factual. Michael Jackson conducted a lengthy, inappropriate relationship with a minor male. That's all that's pertinent. The rest is minutae.

Tomorrow, some evidence that even Michael understood what he'd done and wanted to be discovered, if not punished.