Jacko Is Backo

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Jacko is backo in the bright hot glow of The Foxlight.

How Invincible is Michael Jackson? He's getting a lot of help from his all-star roster of friends - and his brothers - in his first U.S. stage performance in over 11 years. Comics everywhere are speculating about what the backstage area will be like. Picture it: "Tito, give the sandwich back to Bubbles." Ironically, the shows are celebrating his solo years - so what's he doing with more than a dozen other acts each night? Will there be any seats left in Madison Square Garden?

And diva alert! Who's dressing room will be bigger? Whitney Houston's or Diana Ross'? Diana's 'do needs a bigger mirror.

Will Dionne Warwick give backstage passes to a few psychic friends?

Will Luther Vandross stay away from the buffet table?

Will Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony show up in the same leather pants?

Will Britney Spears say oops when she realizes 'N Sync is on the same stage?

Hey Quincy Jones, bring a camera crew - the real show will be behind the scenes.  I think this could be be pay per view.