J-Lo's New Boss

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J-Lo's New Boss Not Same as the Old Boss

Even though Benny Medina thought he was going to get Jennifer Lopez back in the latest round of craziness surrounding the actress/singer and Ben Affleck, this is not the case.

Even though Lopez turned up at Medina's birthday party in Hollywood on Saturday night, no one should take this as a sign of anything but the actress dropping in on an old friend.

In fact, Lopez has a new manager, and he's an unexpected player in her continuing saga. Simon Fields, the British movie producer of Lopez's "Shall We Dance?" and other movies such as "Serendipity" and "Town & Country," is now "partnered" with Lopez and advising her on career moves, according to sources.

Fields has no management experience per se, but he's worked with "Shall We Dance?" director Peter Chelsom for a long time. I'm told that he and Lopez got along so well on the movie's set that a bond formed and turned into a business relationship.

That's too bad for Medina, who definitely expected the Affleck phase out would mean a renewed union for him with Lopez. At the birthday party, by the way, Lopez was put in one room and Mariah Carey — currently Medina's part-time client — was in another.

Medina began advising Carey last summer after the 21-year-old son of her long-time manager, Louise McNally, died of an accidental morphine overdose. Medina, says another source, saw an opportunity.

"He preys on people when they're weak," says my source.

Lopez, meantime, hit the Golden Globes ceremony with a vengeance. At first she said she wouldn't walk the red carpet, but she changed her mind at the last minute and also asked for several seats for her entourage. The result, I hear, is that many invitations had to be rescinded in order to accommodate her decision.

Eva Mendes and Matt Damon: Just Friends

Like you, I read and heard about Matt Damon finally succumbing to the feminine wiles of gorgeous Eva Mendes. The pair starred in "Stuck on You" this winter, and the gossip mill started churning around Christmas. It seemed to be very authoritative too.

So wasn't I surprised to run into Eva and her longtime beau George at the Golden Globes? What did this mean, I wondered? Where was Matt? How can I trust the Star and US Weekly?

George explained it for me: "We've been laughing about it for a while. Matt did spend some time with us at New Year's. But he's a friend of both of ours, and that's it. Eva and I are obviously still together."

I can tell you that I am relieved to hear this. Mendes seemed so nice. It also seemed impossible that she could have dumped George and run off with someone else so quickly. After all, everyone knows that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are a couple! (Just kidding, calm down!)

How does George deal with all of this? "Hopefully, this — meaning show business — is just five percent of our lives. The rest of the time we're just normal people."

Good answer!

Miramax Wins Golden Globe for Parties

Miramax may have won only one Golden Globe award last night — Renée Zellweger for Best Supporting Actress — but they won big for their after-party.

There were a lot of parties in the Beverly Hilton that featured good food and music, but the Miramax party had the one thing they others didn't: stars.

It must be some kind of testament to Harvey Weinstein that everyone from Jane Fonda, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones to Nicole Kidman, Jude Law and Zellweger all settled in on his couches and ate his food.

I spotted Neve Campbell, too, and Queen Latifah, Richard Gere and Carey Lowell, Zach Braff, Leonardo DiCaprio, directors Anthony Minghella and Jim Sheridan, Charlize Theron and even Tom Cruise — whose appearance was orchestrated so he wouldn't run into Kidman. She came early and left early for the Creative Artists Agency party at Chaya Brasserie. (More on that tomorrow.)

Fonda brought along her son actor Troy Garity, who was accompanied by the real-life transgendered woman upon whom his movie, "A Soldier's Girl," was based. (Garity was nominated for a Globe for his incredible performance.)

Garity fell into a conversation with a young black woman who turned out to be Nona Gaye, daughter of late R&B superstar Marvin Gaye, which opened a flood of memories for Fonda. Soon she and Nona were reminiscing about Marvin and hitting it off like a house on fire.

Meanwhile, at the HBO party, Sarah Jessica Parker looked forlornly at her cell phone. Other than hubby Matthew Broderick, she said, no one had called in congrats for her fourth Golden Globe award.

"They've been very good to me," she said, but was still glum as she checked her messages in vain.

Soon, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis joined her and the trio posed for lots of paparazzi shots. But no Kim Cattrall in sight. Cattrall, who stayed far away from her three co-stars all night, declined to take group photos. She is trying to distance herself from "Sex and the City" and her sexually voracious character, I am told, in order not to get typecast.

More tomorrow from the Golden Globes and the weird world of Hollywood!