The president and the president-elect shake hands.

Make nice.

The nasty election over. The peaceful transfer of power now being acted out.

For all of capitalism's problems, for all this talk of the death of Western society, of big government coming in and, well, less big government going out, I want you to try and figure this out.

For all that ails us, I cannot think of any system of government anywhere better than us.

We take it for granted in this country that parties come in and out of power in this country.

Without shots fired, or coups launched. Without violent protests in the street, just quiet respect for the will of the people on the street.

If you've spent any time in third world countries, you'll know this is first rate amazing.

That parties, in this case, diametrically opposed can systematically move on.

Our country handles this stuff so routinely, it is worth noting it is unique in how it is conducted so smoothly and peacefully.

Bitterness on some sides, now respectfully, if somewhat grudgingly, joining hands to say we're on the same side.

All Americans, all patriots, all hoping that this system of government might change hands but it doesn't change the constitution, or us.

People change. Our prerogatives change.

Sometimes we usher in an era of top-to-bottom sweeping changes for bigger government, as we did with FDR in 1932.

Sometimes just the opposite, as we did with Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Sometimes our will isn't as clear. One guy wins the popular vote but not the electoral vote.

Four times it has happened. And each time, not a single revolution when it did.

Trust me, we have our problems, and our worries, our foibles, and our blunders.

Plenty of fears.

But time and again, living proof.

We are bigger than the sum of all those fears, and then some.

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