I know CEOs are held in low regard, especially these days. It's popular to rip them.

President Obama indeed has made an art form of vilifying them. Hollywood long has had little good to say about them. Tragic in "Citizen Kane." Evil in "Soylent Green." Dastardly in "JFK". Which leads us to downright silly in "G-Force."

That's right. America's most popular movie is America's latest example of portraying America's CEOs in the most un-American way.

Now don't get me wrong. This silly movie about a specially trained squad of guinea pigs trying to stop an evil billionaire from taking over the world is cute, and funny.

I got a kick out of it. My two little boys got a big kick out of it.

The guinea pigs were the stars. The selfish CEO pig was the villain. Easy stars. Easier villain.

Here's why: Nothing works in Hollywood like making the bad guy a mogul. Or teaching our kids that making it big must mean you stole it big or are trying to take advantage of other people because you have it.

Me? I've had it.

Not with cute movies for kids. But cute movies that try to hammer kids. And not so indirectly hammer home a bias on kids that, I don't know, companies are bad. That profits are worse.

And CEOs pushing profits are the worst.

They can't just be just eccentric, right? No, they all have to be evil. And they must all be destroyed.

Because remember in "Happy Feet"? Loved the movie. Long movie, if you had a soda going into it. They were destroying our world. And in "G-Force," destroying our lives.

Just once, I'd like to see a different villain. A different prop. A different foil.

I know these are fun movies; actually they are very good, cute movies. It just amazes me that flicks that go to great lengths to do animation and special effects that are pretty hard, end up taking cheap shots that are pretty easy.

Look, Bill Nighy makes a great bad guy. But, you know, he's a pretty good actor. Next time, can we make him at least less of a bad guy? With I don't know, hamsters?

I know, I know, you're kidding. But can you let our kids in on the joke? Because they're beginning to think that everyone in corporate America's sinister and out for just nothing but evil — to make them want to watch CNN or like CNBC. We can give our kids better.

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