It's Open Season on the Rich

Believe me, the rich need no lobby.

Or support group.

A lot of them do well.

They're rich, after all.

But let me tell you something, they're also a big target.

As I see it, it's open season on the rich.

If you've made it, you're going to pay for it.

Because, I guess the thinking goes, you haven't.

You haven't paid your share. Done your duty. Or helped your fellow man.

Never mind the rich pay most of the taxes, apparently they don't pay enough.

They get all the spoils, and leave the rest of society with the crumbs.

I've witnessed this not so subtle shift in our collective thinking on wealth.

We've grown from admiring it, to hating it. And hating them.

And now the shift has hit the fan.

Paying more than a third of your income is no longer enough. Maybe close to half is better.

I actually heard a politician remind me that the top rate used to be 70 percent, so, he explained, "we're still a long way from that."

So what will it be? 45 percent? 50 percent?

What should these greedy bastards pay?

What will make these gilded, guiltless gluttons get it?

I don't know.

What I do know is they're apparently not paying enough, not sacrificing enough.

We leave out the fact that not all the wealthy were born with Grey Poupon in their DNA. Some of them had to work at it.

No. They're all fat cats now. All despised now.

Yet for every politician's big government plans, all very much depended on now.

Only in America can we take the one group that supports the very swelling bureaucracy politicians hold dear and blast them while we take their checks.

God forbid we say, "Thank you."

But I like to think they're due a lot more than, "Screw you."

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