It's Good to Be Back!

It's my first day back after being away for a month recovering from a broken pelvis. How did this happen?

Some people have said I fell off my horse, but as my neighbor in Texas Tommy Hastings is here to tell you all... that is not quite right:

"John didn't fall off his horse, he got bucked off his horse... there's a big difference between that and falling off."

The horse I got bucked off of is Goldie, and she's a first-rate cutting horse.

Obviously, I'm not a first-rate cutting horse rider if I got bucked off...

A little credit where it's due... Dr. Paul Freudigman and his staff at Baylor University Medical Center (search) in Dallas put me back together and they did a great job.

So that's what happened. I'll try not to let it happen again!

That's My Word.

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