It's Called Illegal Immigration for a Reason

So President Obama deemed the new Arizona immigration bill "misguided." He means "stupid."

See, people who know better than you say "misguided" as an intellectual exercise in superiority; even if they don't call you stupid, that's what they mean.

Too bad Obama has no other plan that's less stupid and the Arizona bill is what happens when there is no plan: A plan gets made.

It reminds me of something a really smart guy said on "Hannity" last week:


GREG GUTFELD: Until you make it easier for them to get in legally, you have to make it as difficult as possible for them to get in illegally. It's that simple.


Wow! Incisive! That guy really is an underused source of brilliance at Fox News.

Anyway, until we create a front door for these folks, we have to make sneaking in a window harder than hell. Amnesty doesn't do that. Amnesty just says "everyone in… is in!" That won't control the tide.

The fact is it's called illegal immigration, because it's illegal. And Arizona has chosen to deal with it. And while, on its surface, it seems mean, it's not. It's actually a start. It pushes the debate forward to us finally developing a system that gets all the wonderful, hardworking people in.

And most are hardworking. And most are wonderful. Seriously, most of these folks killing themselves to come here are more deserving than half of the jerks born here.

I'm referring to anyone who stinks of patchouli; uses "clubbing" as a verb (except in Alaska); thinks graffiti is art; owns their own sex tape; once dated Paris Hilton; listens to Dave Matthews; claims they're in Mensa; plays Frisbee golf; known to wear a Speedo; carries a tiny dog in a purse; blames America for everything; enjoys performance art; thinks yogurt is food; cries while whale watching; majored in any form of gender studies; cares more about death row inmates than their victims, and thinks I can't bench press twice my own weight — I can, or I used to, anyway.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who eats donated organs.

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