It's Bill's World

Game, set, match... Microsoft.

Now, I'm not here to take sides. I am here to make a point.  Microsoft won.  And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Do you know how I can tell they won?  They got to keep the real estate.  That's important.  It's like a couple after they divorce — whoever gets the house, gets the better of the deal. But that's me.

The house for Microsoft is that operating screen in front of us on all our computers. That's Bill's house. We use it, but he decorates it with all sorts of stuff — his stuff.  Pretty little icons that take you to the Internet, to programs, to games.

According to Bill's critics the trouble is those icons have been deviously set up to take you to Bill's Internet, Bill's programs, and Bill's games.

Well, it's too late now, guys.

If this tentative accord goes through, Bill keeps the house, pretty much everything in the house and almost everything outside the house.  Everyone else is a tenant.

Now, don't get me wrong, some of those tenants can put up a hammock outside, or a velvet Elvis paintings inside. But not a heck of a lot more than that.

True, Bill has to share that real estate a little more.  But like I said, it's still Bill's real estate.  And don't you ever forget it.

And don't even think of putting that fountain with the water spewing out of the kid's mouth in the front yard.  Bill hates fountains in his yard.

And what's to stop him? It's his yard.

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