It's About Time

Don't look now but the Pope is calling a board meeting.

The guy many call the "really Big Guy's" CEO on Earth is meeting with his troops. He's calling all cardinals to Rome.

The idea is to get to the bottom of this wayward priest mess. All I can say as a Catholic is, it's about time. What took so long?

What disturbs me most about this crisis is the way those in authority in the church have said practically nothing about what's going on in the church.

We hold CEOs' feet to the fire when they screw up. We should do the same to the church's CEO when he screws up. And I think he has.

By responding too little too late to a crisis that's too out of control.

A CEO shouldn't get away with that. And neither should a Pope.

A good CEO should have a game plan. And so should a Pope.

A good CEO would throw all the bums out. And so should a Pope.

Wayward priests. Hidden priests. Perverted priests. Name them. Dump them. Now.

Cardinals who covered up for them — fire them.

Bishops who protected pedophiles over the innocent kids they abused — remove them, fast.

We might have fewer priests, but we'll have better priests.

We might have fewer higher-ups, but better people to fill them.

More than just your PR is at stake. But your credibility. Your very soul.

When the boss refuses to address a problem, or is forced into addressing a problem, he has one of two choices: ignore it and hope it will go away, or confront it and "make sure" it goes away.

I firmly believe most priests are good. And that the sins of a few should not tarnish the good of the many. But why do we have to drag this stuff out of you?

I hold my CEOs to a high standard. I hold my religious figures to an even higher one. I expect more from them. And someone much higher than me does, as well.

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