It's About the Kids

Perhaps because I have a two and a three-year-old, for me the saddest part of the Hurricane Katrina (search) story is the kids — lots of lost kids. There are lots of moved kids. Lots of lost and moved kids.

My two little guys just started pre-school. They were plenty scared. And I began thinking of all those little guys and gals plenty scared starting school as well... some of them hundreds of miles from home.

Some of them still separated from a mom or a dad or both. I pray soon they'll be reunited. Something sad inside tells me, many will not: because mom is dead — maybe dad too.

Their whole lives quite literally washed away. Starting all over, in a place they don't know. One thing I've discovered very, very closely on my own is that kids are amazingly resilient.

They adjust remarkably. They move on.

But it is tough. Our money can help. But our attention can help more.

I just hope when the cameras go, and the media moves elsewhere, we'll keep thinking of those kids.

Check in on those kids.

I want to encourage my two little guys to remember them. Maybe send them some pictures.

Kids have amazing hearts that way. I hope and pray adults do as well.

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