It's a Good Thing

Is it legal to do business while you're doing time?

The reason I ask is because of this news that Martha Stewart (search) has just signed up for her own version of "The Apprentice" (search) on NBC.

She'll get at least 100,000 smackers an episode — same as The Donald — once she's out. But, I'm thinking: She's not out. She's still in.

So here's my question: How is it possible to negotiate a deal when you're "supposed" to be negotiating a prison term?

I'm not here to debate whether it's fair that she's in prison. Bottom line, she is.

I don't know of any other prisoner entertaining book and movie offers while still in the slammer. And, I don't know of any other prisoner who gets special treatment in prison because they were a hot shot before they got to prison. Often, just the opposite!

Then again, I don't know of any other prisoner quite like Martha Stewart.

I'm told that when series creator Mark Burnett went all the way down to West Virginia to visit Martha Stewart in prison, this "Apprentice" thing never came up. Then what on God's green Earth did they talk about? The food there?

Look, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but that'd be like me saying I stopped by a bakeshop and didn't take so much as a cannoli. I don't think so.

Then how the heck did this deal get done? Through telepathy?

My hat's off to Martha for looking forward to a good life after the slammer. But right now, she's in the slammer.

Shouldn't she be doing "slammer" things? I don't know, like mopping floors, or cleaning bathrooms? I'm thinking, cooking meals, not cooking deals.

I know you can get college degrees in prison, some discover Jesus in prison.

Leave it to Martha to discover just because you get thrown in the slammer for ill-gotten gains, doesn't mean you can't gain financially once you're there.


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