Italian Tourist Arrested in Brazil for Publicly Kissing His Daughter

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An Italian businessman vacationing in Brazil faces 15 years in jail for kissing his daughter on a public beach, the Telegraph reported.

The 48-year-old tourist is in custody after complaints from an elderly couple who reported he was overly affectionate with the 8-year-old, kissing her on the lips in a pool near the beach in Fortaleza.

Both the daughter and the man's Brazilian wife deny any wrongdoing, saying they are astounded at how the businessman has been treated.

The tourist, from Guidonia, Rome, faces charges under tough anti-pedophilia laws passed to prevent the exploitation of children in Brazil, which could land him in jail for up to 15 years, the Telegraph reported.

The Italian consulate has collected statements testifying to the good character of the businessman. He and his family have reportedly vacationed in Fortaleza for years.

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