Sometimes it takes the flu to make you forget a cold.

The cold we've all been dealing with is financial and bad. This swine flu the world could be dealing with is proving worrisome and worse.

People are dying in Mexico. That's shaken us to the core in the U.S., because nothing shakes you on the priorities in life than the thought of potentially losing your life.

Then somehow the bills in life, the mortgages in life, the late payments in life, they don't seem to register in life. Not when there's the possibility you and your loved ones might, might, might see a disruption in life. Namely, the end of it.

Nothing clears the head like the thought of losing it. As it should be, always. Because bills we can hope to repay, some day. Mortgages, to make right, some day. Homes, to afford again, some day.

These are the creature comforts of life, the routines of life. But they are not life. In the scheme of things, not even close.

I know I'm not saying anything profound here. And for the financial guy at FOX, maybe this sounds sacrilegious here. Money is nice, and when things are tight with money, that is not nice. Not even close. But not even remotely close to the things money cannot buy and financial security cannot guarantee.

Know what's important. Not the orthodontist bill for your kid, but your kid. Not whether you and your spouse can sneak away on a trip, but whether you'll both be around for the privilege.

Because life is a privilege. Not a bill, or a statement, or an escrow account. More precious than that. More meaningful than that. Flesh and blood, not envelopes and warnings.

Let's all hope this swine flu doesn't develop into something worse. Let's hope in the meantime it focuses us on something better. Because bills we'll always have. Each other, we will not.

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