Islamic Hearts and Minds

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It’s notable that the man who helped institutionalize the use of terrorism in armed struggle died on the same day Iraqi troops discovered the Fallujah slaughterhouses used to butcher innocent hostages.

For Arafat’s successors took terrorism to a new level of deceit, by promising followers that murder would earn them a ticket to heaven. So where are the Islamic holy men willing to preach that such killings are a ticket to hell? Well, there are some. California Sheik Hamza Yusouf, who has not always been known for moderation, recently spoke to followers about terrorists invoking the name of Islam for their murders.

He said, “And I feel that we as Muslims are suffering all over because of the acts of a handful of people. And we must, in one voice, condemn and completely reject the concept of indiscriminate killing in this religion …This is not our tradition and we must recognize this it is doing untold damage to Islam because we cannot be so shortsighted that we do not see the eyes of history looking upon us as a community.”

If enough Muslim leaders were as clear in their condemnation of terrorism, the terror cells of Fallujah would find no quarter in the hearts and minds of the Islamic world.

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