Is the Outrage Fading?

First of all, we continue to grieve for our compatriots killed two years ago on this day. And we continue to notice that the anger of the nation over Sept. 11 (search) is declining. And that is the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

For a country right in the middle of World War III, we are awfully blase about it. America is fighting against fanatics the world over who want to kill us because they think Allah wills it.

In the face of that incredible danger, America has struggled somewhat, both here and abroad. After the great victory in Iraq, the occupation has been difficult and politics are making the fight even more tenuous.

Commander in chief Bush is a strong leader, but a bad communicator. He allows his enemies to set the agenda and does not provide nearly enough information to us, the people.

The Bush administration believes that America must destroy the terrorists, with or without the approval of the world. Now that's sound policy, but bad public relations. Of course, we must defend ourselves, whether France likes it or not, but we must explain that defense clearly and admit our mistakes.

World War III is the most complicated war in the history of mankind because of the deadly weaponry available and the ruthlessness of the enemy. There's no sovereign country we can defeat. We must neutralize a movement that doesn't care about human life, theirs or anybody else's.

Talking Points believes that Congress should formerly declare war, thereby crystallizing the issue for everybody to see. I mean, come on. If not for stringent measures by the FBI and other security agencies here, we'd have thousands more dead in America. The villains of the world are just waiting for an opening.

The chaos in Iraq is distracting Americans from a life-death situation. Yes, mistakes were made in the invasion of that country, but if a Democratic outpost can be established there, America gains a huge advantage in neutralizing the terror states of Syria and Iran, and then keeping an eye on Al Qaeda, which is still tethered to the Gulf region.

The chorus of naysayers on Iraq deserve to be taken seriously only when they clearly spell out how they would fight World War III. Just to snipe at the situation is counterproductive. If you have a better way to protect Americans, I want to hear it. If you have nothing but partisan B.S., stuff it.

On the second anniversary of the sneak attack on America, we should all take time out to pray for our country and think about where we are in time, right smack in the middle of World War III.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Saudi Arabia's religious police have declared Barbie (search) dolls a threat to morality saying the dolls are offensive to Islam. The Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, as the religions cops are known, says the dolls are Jewish and their clothes are shameful. That religious description has shocked some Barbies who had no idea.

Ridiculous? Not if you live in Saudi Arabia and you're caught with a Barbie. Bad things could happen. A lot of laughs over there.

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