Is the Bush Administration Putting Whales and Dolphins in Danger?

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A Whale (or Dolphin) of a Lawsuit!
A lawsuit has been filed in federal court in Hawaii by something called the Cetacean community, which is composed of whales, dolphins and porpoises. The suit says the Bush administration has failed to file the legally required environmental impact statement in connection with the planned use of low-frequency sonar in naval operations, which the suit says endangers the animals. And, says the lawyer who is filing the action, "the suit seeks legal recognition for cetaceans to file their own suit, rather having to rely on human plaintiffs to file suit on their own behalf."

Distinguishing Between Jewish Communities?
The House Democratic leaders are waxing indignant over what they call the "breathtaking ignorance" of comments by House Majority Leader Dick Armey. Asked about political divisions within the Jewish Community during a visit to Florida, Armey replied that there were really two Jewish communities, one conservative, and of deep intellect, and one liberal, possessing shallow and superficial intellect. Disparaging and divisive, said the Democrats. Replied Armey, "I have been on record since I was an undergraduate as recognizing that liberals are generally not very bright and conservatives are deep thinkers."

Being Labeled Far Right
A managing partner in a public relations firm representing the Christian Coalition is promoting interviews with its president, Roberta Combs, as way to find out "what the far right is thinking." When we asked the public relations official, Deborah Radman of KCSA public relations in New York, if she really meant to portray the Christian coalition that way, she replied that indeed “they do represent the far right, as well as others.” But a more senior official of the firm said, "That is not the way we want to portray the coalition at all."

Recounted Harassment?
In its Manhattan living column, the New York Press is listing a number of bests, including "Best Harassment of an Arab in the Wake of 9/11." The writer then recounts a conversation he had with a man who operates a Mideast sandwich joint near the World Trade Center site. Asked if he'd had any harassment, the man described a visit from The New York Times reporter, "She kept telling me that she understood if I hated America. I finally told her not to come back until she wanted to write about my business."