Is O'Donnell Any Worse Than Other Lawmakers?

So Christine O'Donnell won the Delaware Republican primary. Now this worries some people, because O'Donnell is a "fringe" candidate endorsed by Tea Partiers.

Yeah, she's got problems. Her 2008 Senate campaign was way in debt, she used campaign cash to pay half her rent when her home doubled as her office and she may have lied about attending Princeton.

So, she may be broke. She's a young politician who screws up like every other ambitious pol.

Those are red flags, but can she be any worse than what we see every day?

Charlie Rangel (who won again!)? Chris Dodd? Barney Frank? Pelosi? Boxer?

Sorry, she can't be that bad. So I say in with the hot Christian and out with a nine-term coaster.

Anyway, apparently Christine's got another problem, and you're going to hear about it a lot. On CBS, Nancy Cordes portrayed O'Donnell as odd because she crusaded for abstinence and against porn back in the '90s. Apparently she felt that when a spouse uses porn, it compromises his purity.

I know, terrible.

Look, it's easy to laugh at. How can you believe in abstinence? How can you fight something as ubiquitous as porn? It's everywhere. But is it really that weird to say porn screws up relationships?

Look, everyone over 30 knows that. You don't need religion to reach that conclusion, just a right hand.

Look, if you believe that porn is harmless, then clearly you've only dabbled in it. Fact is, when open browsers meet open trousers, we've turned into a nation of masturbators. We're all hooked up to a broadband I.V. of constant, disconnected gratification churned out by legions of women — our moms, sisters and daughters.

And we laugh at O'Donnell? I don't get it. But then again, in the nineties I owned a flannel thong, and it itched.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who stole my Swank.

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