Is My Boss a Crook?

I got so much reaction to my Five Great Things You Look for in a Boss, that I'm now offering this sequel:

Five Dead Give-Away Signs Your Boss is a Crook.

Sign No. 1: He or she doesn't look you straight in the eye. Something's wrong there. Why? When I was a kid and did something wrong, I tended to look down a lot just before my dad launched me into orbit. It was bad as a kid. It's worse as a boss.

Sign No. 2: The boss is spending less time at work. I'm not talking travel on business. He's just not there, period. Why? Is he preparing an exit or is something more sinister afoot?

Sign No. 3: When the big cheese is at work, he or she is spending a lot of time with creepy people. People who don't talk much and certainly not to you. People who make it clear, they know and you don't and now they're powwowing with the boss. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Sign No. 4: He or she is avoiding any and all media interviews. If it isn't an earnings quiet period, why so darn quiet? What's he cooking up?

And speaking of cooking up, sign No. 5: He doesn't show up at the annual picnic, if he bothers with such things in the first place. That should tell you one of two things: he either can't be bothered with you, or the burgers you're eating are poisoned.

Any one of these signs makes the boss suspect. Two or more a little dicey. Three, lock him up. All five? Throw away the freaking key!

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