Is Former Attorney General Janet Reno Losing Momentum?

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No Reno Rivalry
Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's political advisers have concluded, to their dismay, that Janet Reno will not be their opponent this fall. Instead, reports the Palm Beach Post, their analysis of their own polling shows that Democrats have been moving in "droves" to Tampa lawyer Bill McBride, who was 20 points behind just three weeks ago. Now, say the Bush aides, there's only about a five-point spread and said one, "At this point we'd be very surprised if he didn't win." That would be bad news for Republicans who have spent more than a million dollars in ads against McBride, believing he'd be the stronger candidate.

Losing Speed
There may be better news for the GOP in Missouri, where the incumbent, freshman Democratic Sen. Jean Carnahan, is running to serve the remaining four years of the term her late husband was seeking in 2000. After leading in the polls for most of the year, Carnahan is slightly behind former Missouri Republican Congressman Jim Talent. Pollster John Zogby says Talent now has momentum. The Washington Times reports that Talent has gained strongly among men, in part because of his greater legislative experience and knowledge of the issues.

Not a Gray Day for Gray Yet
Meanwhile, in California disgruntled voters may not think much of Gov. Gray Davis, who remains well below 50 percent in the latest survey, but he's still well ahead of businessman and political newcomer Bill Simon. Davis leads Simon 41 to 30 percent in a poll by the Public Policy Institute of California, with 54 percent of voters saying they're not satisfied with the choice.

Green With Envy?
And here in Washington, those colorful elephant and donkey statues now on display on street corners around town have proven that in this city, everything — even painted animals — is taken seriously. The Green Party says the exhibit, modeled on Chicago's famous Cows on Parade, is an affront to third parties and independents sued, demanding that sculptures of its symbol, a giant sunflower be included in the exhibits. The suit was thrown out.