Iraqis Watch Mexican Soap Opera Instead of President Bush's Speech

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Iraqis React ...
So how are the Iraqi media handling all the talk about Saddam and U.N. resolutions on Iraqi weapons? Mostly by ignoring it. The Associated Press reports that at the time President Bush was giving his speech, Iraqi TV stations were running an old Syrian movie, a Mexican soap opera, sports and Kurdish programming. Iraqi media had plenty to say about the anniversary of Sept. 11 though. The newspaper Al Iktisadi carried on its front page Wednesday a photo of the burning World Trade Center buildings with a headline in red, saying, God's Punishment. The BBC also notes that one Iraqi TV report claimed that the United States itself planned last year's attacks on New York and Washington to "justify its war against terror."

Sloppy Campaign
Some political campaigns can get ugly — this one got wet. California's Libertarian Party is considering dropping its candidate for governor because he spat on a radio talk show host. Gary Copeland tells the Orange County Register that KABC host Mark Whitman turned off Copeland's mike when he started talking about past abuses of immigrants and suggested that Whitman himself supported such treatment. With his microphone cut off,  Copeland got up to leave, heard several  comments from Whitman he didn't like, then turned and spat on him. "Since I could not say what I believed, I thought I would show what I believed," Copeland said. The party's 12-member executive committee is set to meet tomorrow to vote on whether to withdraw support for him.
Setting Her Sights High
Cynthia McKinney lost her bid to get re-elected to the House. But now she may be setting her sights even higher. Green Party activists who worked on the Georgia Congresswoman's unsuccessful campaign say she is seriously considering running for president on the Green Party's ticket. Party officials say many of her views make her a perfect fit — either to lead the ticket, or as the VP nominee to run with Ralph Nader, should he decide to run again. Adam Eidinger, a  Green Party activist says he talked to McKinney and she said she was " very interested."
Congressmen: No Sex With Your Own Interns!
And finally, the New York Post is reporting that the House is preparing to take a stand against a member of Congress having sex with an intern. Burned by the embarrassing Gary Condit scandal, Congress is about to pass a resolution prohibiting sexual relations with interns. But, Congress has apparently carved out an exemption — the Post reports members would only be prohibited from having sex with interns in their own offices, not those of other members. Rep. Brian Baird says he sought to restrict intern-dating after deciding that intern programs were in jeopardy in the wake of highly publicized sex scandals.