Iraqis Detain Suspected Terrorists

Iraqi authorities have detained 147 suspected insurgents throughout the country, including a Saudi citizen, the government said Monday.

A government statement identified the Saudi as Abdullah Hussein Ali (search), saying he was captured with three Iraqis in the northern city of Mosul. The statement said Ali was found with "leaflets that incite terrorism."

Iraqi Army troops searched Sumar Mosque (search) in Mosul and captured five suspected insurgents, the statement said, while in Baghdad's Mashtal neighborhood, the statement said 27 "terrorists" were detained with their weapons.

In the southern neighborhoods of Qaraghol and Sayed Abdullah 32 more suspected terrorists were detained while in the northeastern town of Mansouriyat al-Jabal 79 suspects were captured along with weapons and ammunition.

Iraq and U.S. troops have detained hundreds of suspected insurgents in the past months, mainly in the Sunni Triangle where they are active.

Iraqi Human Rights Minister Bakhtiyar Amine (search) said last month that 335 foreigners were currently being held by multinational Forces in Iraq. The vast majority are from Arab countries, including 56 Syrians, 59 Saudis and 61 Egyptians.