Iraq War Veteran, 26, Wins $1 Million On Lottery Ticket

A 26-year-old Iraq war veteran bought four scratch-off lottery tickets at a convenience store after an evening workout and wound up winning $1 million.

Wayne Leyde, who served two tours in Iraq with the Army, bought his winning Millionaire II ticket Tuesday night at a Zip Trip in Mead, about 10 miles northeast of Spokane.

Leyde said he had trouble sleeping after scraping away the gray metallic cover on one of his tickets to reveal the winning numbers.

The former active-duty soldier said he's thought of 50 people he should give money to and about 10,000 ways to spend it -- but that if anyone should benefit from his windfall, it's his parents, with whom he lives in the Mount Spokane area.

Leyde is currently enlisted in the National Guard and works as a personal banker for Wells Fargo.