Two roadside bombs exploded in Baghdad Wednesday, killing at least two bystanders and wounding 15 people. Gunmen in the capital killed at least six people.

One bomb targeting a police patrol blew up in the western neighborhood of Harthiya, killing one civilian and injuring 11 people, including two policemen and an Iraqi soldier, police said.

The other exploded near the al-Kindi hospital in eastern Baghdad, killing one civilian and wounding four others, police said.

In three separate attacks, gunmen in the southern neighborhood of Dora killed a construction worker, trade ministry employee and three power plant workers who had been snatched from their car an hour earlier, police said. At least two cars were stolen in the attacks. Police were investigating whether the attacks were linked.

In Baghdad's west Amariyah district, gunmen killed a medic as he walked from house to house administering vaccinations, police said.

A car bomb exploded in the city of Baqouba, wounding two civilians. Police had earlier received a call about a body in the car, which they retrieved moments before the blast, officials said.

In the southeastern suburb of Rustamiyah, police discovered five bodies of Iraqis, handcuffed and blindfolded. Late Tuesday, police had found 11 corpses in various parts of the capital.

Also late Tuesday, five foreigners, including an Egyptian, were killed as they drove near a village 31 miles southwest of Kirkuk in northern Iraq, police said. Officials declined to reveal the nationalities of the other four victims.