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Have you heard about this retired U.S. General who has been sent over to Baghdad? He is General Gary Luck (search) and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (search) sent him to Iraq several days ago, reportedly to do a top to bottom review of what we are doing well and what we are doing badly over there. Some might be tempted to take this as a tacit admission by the Pentagon that it is failing; Rumsfeld says that's "fanciful."

The reason I mention this is my friend Major General Paul Vallely (search) (retired U.S. Army) was invited to go along on this trip, and he is returning home late Wednesday. He agreed to come on “DaySide” Thursday with a frank assessment of what he saw, and he wants to have a wide-open discussion with all of you. So please e-mail us with your comments about the current situation in Iraq, and I'll put your questions to the General. (Sorry I didn't get to mention today's e-mails on the air; we were swamped by breaking news.)

Also, we're doing that segment I mentioned to you earlier — on the website: Perverted-Justice.com (search). This is a website that "outs" adults who try to strike up sexual conversations with minors in public chat rooms (with the clear intent to commit an offense). Check out the website and let me know what you think of it; the founder will be on “DaySide” with me Thursday, along with another crime expert that disagrees with his tactics.

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