Iranian Cartoon Shows Nazi Swastika Growing Into Jewish Star of David

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Iran, having vowed to wipe Israel off the map, appears to be fomenting anti-Semitic sentiment through its media.

An anti-Semitic cartoon recently shown on Iranian TV shows a Jewish rabbi planting a Nazi swastika, covering it with dirt, watering it and watching as a giant star of David grows in its place.

The rabbi, who is donning a black hat with a Star of David on the brim and a scowl, does not speak during the 56-second clip.

The clip is currently being broadcast on the Web site of the Middle East Media Research Institute's (MEMRI) TV project.

Yigal Carmon, the president of MEMRI, said the message from the cartoon is clear.

"The idea the that they are trying to show is that Zionism [the worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the creation of Israel] comes out from the seed of Nazism. They're saying that it is the technical Jew who nurtures it and who plants it and who grows it and who irrigates it and all that," Carmon said.

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Iranian state television originally showed the animation on Jan. 12.

"Usually they would say they are not against Jews they are only against Zionists, but here you see they are saying that in fact there is no difference," Carmon said about the cartoon. "It’s the Jew who plants the swastika image and from the swastika comes Zionism."

MEMRI's TV monitoring center oversees every major Arab channel, translating, subtitling and distributing the segments from Arab TV in real time to Western news channels across the world, according to their Web site.

According to Carmon, visitors to his organization's Web site include everyone from academia to the media to legislators to the public at large.