'Invincible:' Inspiring but Predictable

"Invincible," the inspiring true story of 1972 Philadelphia Eagles walk-on player Vince Papale, has made-for-TV written all over it.

Keeping It Reel: Watch Invincible Review

Starring the invincible Mark Wahlberg ("The Italian Job"), the movie by first-time director and veteran cinematographer Ericson Core is so saccharine that your tongue will curl halfway through the flick.

Is it just me, or is every biopic out of Hollywood these days the cheesiest thing you've ever seen?

Papale truly has an inspirational story, but the reality is, reality bites. Give us some drama. Take some artistic license, for crying out loud!

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Instead, we get the requisite disappointed wife who leaves at her man's lowest, the friend from central casting who is there to push ... and push ... and seriously push our hero to "go for it" and the non-believing father (played with appropriate "actoor" aplomb by Kevin Conway) who tries to discourage his 30-year-old son from trying out for The Eagles by stating, "A man can take only so much failure."

Cut to:

You guessed it. Papale standing on line at Veteran's Stadium with all of the local scrubs who are mostly there for a chance to walk on the field without being tackled by security.

In true "Rudy" fashion, Papale works harder than everyone else, and rookie coach Dick Vermeil (Greg Kinnear) picks him for the team.

In true "Rocky" fashion, we see Papale jogging the streets of Philly.

In more "Rudy" fashion, the vets pick on him for being a walk-on and tell him to cool it because it's only the first day of training camp.

Didn't we already see this movie?

Elizabeth Banks ("Spider-Man 3") does a good job as Janet, the sexy love interest with a catch: she's a Giants fan. Janet, however, has the best line in the movie. When describing her ex-boyfriend, she says "he wasn't what he said he was."

"What's that?" asks Papale. "Single," she says.

So should you head to the theater this weekend? I say wait for Disney — the company that made "Invincible," to air this on your local ABC station — where it should have gone in the first place.

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