Insomnia and Enough

Al Pacino has trouble sleeping, and there's trouble when J-Lo's awake in your new movies projecting through the holiday weekend glare of The Foxlight.

Al Pacino looks like he needs a little shut-eye in Insomnia. His lids are even droopier than normal in this movie. He plays a cop who was apparently told to go where the sun always shines, meaning Alaska, to solve a grisly murder. And guess who did it? Robin Williams. He's a long way from Ork. And that's a good thing because he's great and so is everyone else including Nancy Drew cop Hilary Swank.

Insomnia's top notch according to most critics. And Robin? He doesn't want to talk about the movie, he'd rather talk about the Catholic Church.

Williams: "I think the priests should wear shock collars, so when they meet a 12-year-old boy and have impure thoughts, ZAP!"

Well, he's serious in the movie.

The other movie that wants to be serious is the J-Lo-rent thriller Enough. That pretty smartly sums up many attitudes towards Jennifer's acting. Her character is a battered wife who's had enough of Billy Campbell. We've seen this all before and better. But it won't stop fans who can't get enough of Jennifer.

None of this matters because Star Wars will still be No. 1 and Spider Man will still be No. 2. Everyone else will just try to show.

Have a happy holiday weekend and salute a vet when you see one.