Inside the Wedding Cancellation of the 'Craigslist Murder' Suspect

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Now, the really dark life of the accused Craigslist killer is exposed. Twenty-three-year-old medical student Philip Markoff has just been paid a jailhouse visit by his fiancee. Is the wedding still on? The fiancee's lawyer goes "On the Record" in a few moments.

But first, a disturbing report of new evidence in the case found at Markoff's house. Joe Dwinell joins us live, city editor for The Boston Herald. Joe, what is the new evidence that we are learning about tonight?

JOE DWINELL, BOSTON HERALD: Well, there's reports out there that they found as many as 16 pairs of underwear at his Quincy apartment. But it's not clear exactly who may have owned that underwear. Was it his? What it his victim'? We know that two of those pairs were taken from -- allegedly taken from a robbery and a murder at the Copley Hotel in Boston.

VAN SUSTEREN: What about restraints? I understand that at least there were some restraints that were also found in his apartment, which has a huge bearing on the investigation.

DWINELL: Exactly. Those restraints go all the way back to the Rhode Island case, where they're saying that's the link to all these three cases, the three that they know of in the Craigslist killing case. Those restraints, they're looking at them right down to the lot number.

VAN SUSTEREN: Joe, over the weekend, his brother visited him. And I'm going to talk to his fiancee's lawyer in a moment because his fiancee has now also visited him. But he made a remark, apparently -- at least, it was reported -- to the brother, something very ominous, like, There might be more, or something (INAUDIBLE) you know, Forget about me because there's more. Any idea what that meant?

DWINELL: No, we're not clear. And he actually told his brother, Move to California. That's what sources are telling us. His parents came and left, his brother came and left, and you're going to hear that the fiancee has now come and left.

VAN SUSTEREN: Now doubt they have now gone through his computer with a fine-toothed comb, found out how many times he'd gone on Craigslist, posted things, visited. Do they suspect that there are other victims or targets or anything else? Do they suspect him of anything else?

DWINELL: They must because the DA went on Craigslist, posted an ad saying, Please step forward if you were a victim. So it must be pointing to other victims. But will they step forward? I mean, these are people who could possibly be doing something or probably doing something illegal, so they may not want to step forward. So that is still not totally clear how many more victims are out there.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, victim number two, the one who's second in this chronology of three, at least that we know about, is the one who was shot in the chest multiple times and murdered. The first one got off lucky, so to speak. She was only robbed. Was a gun used in that robbery, do you know?

DWINELL: Yes. He was armed. Authorities say he was armed in each of those cases.

VAN SUSTEREN: Joe, thank you very much.

DWINELL: You're welcome, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: Markoff's fiancee, Megan McAllister, visited him in jail. Is the wedding still on? Robert Honecker, the fiancee's lawyer, joins us by phone. Good evening, sir.

ROBERT HONECKER, MEGAN MCALLISTER'S ATTORNEY (Via telephone): Good evening, Greta. How are you?

VAN SUSTEREN: Very well. How is your client? I can't even imagine how stunning this development is to her, what has happened in the last two weeks.

HONECKER: Oh, yes. She's obviously been distraught over some of the revelations that have been portrayed in the media, and she's dealing with it day by day.

VAN SUSTEREN: In the beginning, the reports have been that she is standing by her fiance. Has that sort of -- has that sort of dimmed a little bit in terms of her enthusiasm for standing by him?

HONECKER: Well, I believe that she's still supportive of the man that she knew and the man that she had a relationship with and the man that she planned to marry. She's also, you know, convinced that this has to play out through the criminal justice system. And he's innocent until proven guilty, and his fate should rest in a court of law.

VAN SUSTEREN: She visited him over the weekend. I take it that was through the glass, it was not a contact visit, or is it a contact visit? Could she have a good private visit with him?

HONECKER: Well, she had a private visit with him. It's my understanding that it was a no-contact visit. Obviously, there was a glass partition between them. When she came out of that visit, she was emotional. And I think that since that visit, she's beginning to take certain steps to move on with her life and move toward other goals that she has planned, such as medical school. And these plans are apart from Philip Markoff.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, it sounds -- for lack of a better -- it almost sounds like code, like you're saying she dumped him, you know, if she's ready to move on.

HONECKER: Well, I -- I wouldn't go as far to say that she's dumped him. I would say that, certainly, she remains supportive of the person that she knew and -- but she also has to understand and she does understand that he faces some very serious charges and that this process will take a significant period of time. And she has some other things in her life that are important to her. She's an articulate, smart, strong young woman, and she needs to accomplish some additional goals. And those goals are -- can be accomplished in the coming weeks, months and years ahead.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did she ever see this coming? Did she know about a gun? Did she ever find strange underwear in his apartment? Did she see any restraints, anything like that?

HONECKER: No. She's always referred to her relationship with Philip Markoff as a loving, caring relationship. Her family and friends also who met him describe him in the same fashion. And certainly, what has been portrayed in the media is not the man that she knew.

VAN SUSTEREN: And how does she describe -- I mean, not the man that she knew -- is she -- is she saying that he's -- that she accepts what's being said in the media about him, or is she still standing by the old version?

HONECKER: I think that what she believes is that this evidence that's been portrayed in the media has to be tested through investigation, has to be tested in a court of law. And her fiance's state rests in the court of law, rather than the court of public opinion.

VAN SUSTEREN: And I assume she's going back to medical school?

HONECKER: Yes. She certainly still intends in the fall to continue with her plans to attend medical school.

VAN SUSTEREN: I can't even imagine -- you know, what a stunner. I mean, she's expected to marry, you know, a fellow medical student. Life looked rather rosy and exciting, wedding coming up. And then ka-boom, this gets dropped in her lap and she discovers that this guy might be what -- the man that she thought he was. What a stunner.

HONECKER: It is an absolute stunner, Greta. And you know, she was expecting to -- in August, to have the happiest day of her life, and that is no longer there.

VAN SUSTEREN: Thank you, sir, very much. And we wish you the best of luck, and certainly, we wish -- we hope she goes back to medical school and has a good successful career saving lives. Thank you, sir.

HONECKER: Thank you, Greta.

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