Inside the Minds of Madmen

Just when I thought I've heard everything, comes this.

A study being widely bandied about in Europe that hopes to draw links between poverty and terror. Let me cut to the chase. We fail to understand terror if we don't understand its causes — real, abject poverty. Give me a break.

Trust me, I'm not saying there's a link, but who cares?

Charles Manson had a troubled childhood. Bottom line, he's still a nut.

Sirhan Sirhan had issues with Jews. He's still a nut.

We spend so much time trying to understand what makes folks tick, that we fail to acknowledge some are just sick. Very sick.

Some people are evil. Plain, awful, rotten, evil.

Some come from impoverished backgrounds.

Others, like Usama bin Laden, from incredible wealth.

To me, it doesn't matter.

When you ram our planes into our buildings and kill scores of our innocent people, I'm not interested in trying to understand you, or talk to you, or connect with you.

I think the world should be rid of you.

You're dangerous, you're twisted and you're just bad. There's no two ways around it.

It would be like walking up to Charles Manson in prison, patting him on the shoulder and saying, "Chucky boy, I understand... I feel your pain."


Chuck's insane. He's unadulterated evil and pure and simple.

You can smoke your pipe and get to the bottom of what exactly makes Chuck insane. But you're wasting your time.

He'll be just as wacky when you finish. And that's my point.

It would be like if someone stormed into your home, burned the place down and killed your entire family. Do you really care the guy was troubled? That's obvious.

But, here's what isn't. Common sense. Spending more time trying to understand murderers speaking nonsense, than thousands of their victims, who can't speak at all.

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