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Dear Viewers,

Many have asked why our show was in L.A. on Thursday and Friday. There were several reasons which arose in the days before we left for California, but the first and real one was that I needed to be at San Quentin (search) on Saturday morning. We took cameras inside the prison yard on Saturday and taped what life is like for the death row inmate who arrives there. I could not do the show on Friday night in D.C. and catch any flight to get me to San Quentin on time — so I had to go to California earlier. Then, since I had to be in California on Friday night, we took advantage of the time on the West Coast and set up a few other interviews, which then required that I go to California on Thursday, rather than Friday.

As for San Quentin, it is a dismal place like all prisons. Of course it did not help matters that it was cold and rainy. The prison was built in the mid 1800s and is a collection of buildings surrounded by a huge wall and gun towers. I have attached a few pictures to the blog today. To see them, click on the photo essay link in the photo box above. I am not sure when we will show the video from inside the walls — maybe Monday night.

The prison is built on the San Francisco Bay — and you can stand along the shoreline 40 feet from outside the entrance to the death chamber and see where the search was for Laci Peterson (search) and her unborn child. If Scott Peterson is executed, he will get a glimpse of this search and recovery of remains area (if he looks) as he enters the chamber. That fact was not lost on any of us who were there.

Former Congressman Gary Condit's (search) daughter was on our show Friday night. Our show e-mail account got flooded with e-mails. I grabbed a bunch of them and posted them below. To watch the interview, click on the link in the video box above.

We had expected to do about three segments with Cadee Condit and her brother Chad and then go to our panel. Chad missed his plane and Cadee's was delayed into L.A. At five minutes to 10 p.m. ET, I was told that we would have to start our show with something other than the topic of former Congressman Gary Condit. The traffic from LAX was horrible and there was a big question whether Cadee would arrive before 10 p.m. — or, in my mind, at all. Traffic in L.A. is terrible and it was raining which only made it worse. At two minutes to 10 p.m., I was told she was entering our L.A. bureau and we were going back to our original plans. At 10 p.m. ET, as I was doing the opening to the show, she sat down. I was only able to say hello and the show started.

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
Fantastic show last night. I thought Cadee really held her own against a tough panel (who were great themselves), but I think her father is a real coward for sending his daughter and other family members out to speak for him. It just adds to the perception that he is withholding information, which I believe he is. Someone should tell her to stop referring to her father as "Gary Condit." It is downright annoying!

E-mail No. 2

Your interview with the daughter of Gary Condit was by far one of the worst FOX presentations in recent times. She was allowed to control the interview and manipulate the panel to a point of inappropriate professional responses. If one wants to listen to a yelling match they can watch "The Jerry Springer Show." You are very good at cutting people off in the middle of a thought. Why did you not do likewise with her? Perhaps a legal panel of two, rather than four, would afford the time to actually hear a point of view. That interview was not fair and balanced. It was absurd to see professional adults out of control.
Donna Dembia Wooster

E-mail No. 3

As a student of criminology/criminal studies/human behaviors, I find it fascinating that Cadee Condit refers to her father as 'Gary' and not 'my father'. Isn't he her biological father?
Miss Condit defines her mother respectfully by referring to her as 'my mother'. This leaves me (and many others probably) wondering if Miss Condit does not feel that Gary Condit deserves the same respectful terminology.
I also find her defence of her father, while admirable, to be very sad because, no matter how many experts you have on a panel with her, Miss Condit cannot entertain any concept that is not in keeping with her own view. Miss Condit could do with a few lessons in respect and learn that, while she does not have to agree with differing opinions, she does have the responsibility to respect the other person's right to feel as they do.
Liz MacClintock
Victor Harbor, Australia

E-mail No. 4

Rather than courageous, I found that young woman to be defensive, arrogant, sarcastic and downright rude when addressing your panel members who presumably were there to help her. Cost you some viewers too. The program was horrible.
Barbara Conine
Wrangell, AK

E-mail No. 5

O.K. I am from Texas and we are sometimes considered Redneck, etc. ... but I always, as did my friends, especially growing up, which took many years by the way, referred to my parents as Mother and Dad, Mom, Pop, Daddy, Mama, but never by their first names. This daughter kept referring to her Father as "Gary" ... I guess if my Dad had been a skunk I would have called him Stinky or George (which was his first name by the way)! Always enjoy your show.
Karen Snow
Lubbock, TX
(My Mother, would have said, "Hmm, she calls her Dad by his first name ... hmm, very telling!)

E-mail No. 6

Your four-member legal analysts were so polite even though the daughter was allowed to dominate the interview. I have to give her an A+ for interruptions to important legal facts.
I watch "On the Record" every night.

E-mail No. 7

It was admirable of Gary Condit’s daughter to appear on your show but she clearly had no legal knowledge of the circumstances surrounding her fathers’ case and was painfully outmatched by your all-star panel.
Mark L. Toler
Atlanta, GA

E-mail No. 8

Wow, what an explosive debate between Cadee and the panel. The panel could hardly get a word in. A child should not be defending the parent, they are too partial and what kid really wants to think their parents have sex. The panel is right, Condit needs to answer some questions before people will leave him alone!

E-mail No. 9

Greta Van Susteren tonight once again proved her complete inability to conduct a "fair and balanced" interview by allowing Gary Conditt's daughter to shout and scream her way over all of the other guests we wanted to hear. Apparently Van Susteren favors Condit's cause at the expense of hearing any anti-Condit comments. His daughter conducted herself like a spoiled school child, and Van Susteren allowed her to.
How about furnishing the producer with a muzzle he/she can use on Van Susteren so we can hear both sides.
It's easier and more informative to watch/listen to Joe Scarborough on that — gasp — other channel.
L. C. Krause
Austin, TX

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