Indictment Delight

Ambassador Joe Wilson (search) did a long briefing Monday at the National Press Club in which he took the high road.

He said it was a sad day to see the chief of staff of the vice president indicted.

That is a high road comment.

The fact is though that Joe Wilson has been gleefully screeching for two years that he wanted to see Karl Rove (search) frog marched across the White House lawn in cuffs.

So why would I not think that Joe Wilson and his CIA spy-wife Valerie were popping the champagne Friday night when the indictment came down.

Obviously it was disappointing that Rove didn't get indicted. But certainly it must have been heartwarming for Joe and Val to see the vice president's top guy frog marched.

Wilson also went on and on about when he went to Niger and who he talked to and how, in his judgment, the war was not justified and, in his judgment, the 16 words the president spoke in his State of the Union address about Niger and yellowcake and Saddam (search) were colossal mistakes — each and every word.

It was in my judgment this and in my judgment that.

Did I miss something or did somebody elect Joe Wilson president? Did somebody appoint him secretary of state?

Sure, turns out Saddam didn't have piles of WMD that everybody, everybody — Russians, French, Brits, the entire U.N. and all of the Arab world — thought he did have. Anybody read the Duelffer report? It said Saddam had to fool everybody because he was afraid of being invaded by his neighbors.

But how come Joe Wilson doesn't talk about how his wife set up his trip? How come he doesn't talk about how his wife certainly knew he was against the war — he says so in his book? And how come she thought it was okay to send an anti-war diplomat to confirm a fact that would trigger a war?

And how come she gets to maneuver politically in the background but 'Scooter" Libby (search) doesn't? Oh right, she's a spy. She is covert. Blowing her cover endangers her life and other lives.

She knew all that better than anybody. So should she have been involving herself in a contentious political question: Kick Saddam out or let him stay?

It probably would have been better had hubby Joe stayed home and the CIA lady sent someone else.

That's My Word.

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