In It to Win It

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Filmmaker Michael Moore (search) was cheered in some quarters for asking supporters of the Iraq war whether they'd send their children to die in Iraq.

But there's one group to whom Michael Moore hadn't the guts to pose a question like that: Proud parents of the servicemen and women who are re-enlisting in the Armed Forces. The Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines have all met, or exceeded their re-enlistment goals and new enlistments are also up.

Why? Dan Sheehan, a real journalist with The Allentown Morning Call newspaper, recently put that question to enlistees and re-enlists, most of whom bore no resemblance at all to the down-and-out, disillusioned types found in Moore's film. What he found were bright, proud and willing recruits supported by loving parents.

According to Mr. Sheehan: "Rodriguez, Jancovic and others interviewed for this story don't fit the profile of enlistee as quasi-victim. They are, variously, honor roll students, star athletes and odd-job laborers from middle-class homes."

Ultimately, Moore's claim that President Bush is sending anyone's children to die ignores the simple fact that our military is made up entirely of young men and women who volunteer to join our fighting forces knowing very well what's at stake.

And while our enemy may join up to die, our own service men and women join to win.

And that’s the Observer.

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