Do you know the one thing being left out of all these airline safety hearings and debates?

How damn annoying it is to travel these days.

Not the lines or delays.

They're bad enough. It's being treated like children.

This is the only business I know of that, from the moment you step into the shop, the customer's the one getting chewed out.

You go through the doors of the airport. What's the first thing you hear?

"Do not leave your bag unattended."

That's just the Charlie Brown teacher warm-up act, because if your attended-to bag needs to be checked, get ready to be grilled.

"Has this bag ever left your sight?"

You say no. Has anyone ever answered "yes" to that question?

You move onto the security line.

"Ticket and valid ID out, everybody! Now!"

Further along:

"All shoes off, all laptops out."

Confuse these and you will be shot, trust me.

You get past that, to the gate...you foolishly want to change your seat.

"You can't change seats now! Sit down, you're annoying us."

So you sit. And stew. And wait for boarding.

You think you hear your row. But are severely reprimanded when an agent loudly reminds you and anyone within a mile radius, that not only did she not call your row, but because she is so annoyed by your behavior, she never will.

So you slink back to your seat, nervously waiting for the teacher's blessing.

You're called. You're on.

But don't get too comfy.

"All electronic items must be turned off."

You nervously comply, because god forbid the plane goes down because you selfishly chose Springsteen on your ipod than safety on your jet.

Seat-backs up. Tray tables up.

I'm fed up.

And fed up with an industry that then brags about how safe it is.

As if to say, "Look at the bright side...at least you're not dead."

We're not customers; actually we're not even kids. We're cattle.

The only difference is we're paying for the privilege.

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