I'm Chevy Chase and... So What?

I have laughed my butt off at Chevy Chase (search), for years. But, as they sometimes say, the bloom is off the rose.

As you may have heard Chevy decided to mouth off about President Bush a few nights ago at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., where he was emceeing an event. I don't think I need to repeat exactly what he said, he called Bush a "dumb (expletive)" ... and some other things.

Norman Lear (search), the noted Hollywood liberal, was hosting the event and Thursday night a guest on "The O'Reilly Factor" tried to make sure people wouldn't blame Lear's group, People for the American Way, for Chevy's boorishness. Even Lear himself seemed to drop ol' Chevy like a hot rock.

But here's a question: Who's calling who a dumb (expletive)? Chevy Chase has made a career being an idiot on the screen. Does anybody take the head of the Griswold Family seriously if he starts firing rockets at the leader of the free world?

Of course not.

A guy who criticized Gerald Ford's tendency for physical gaffes by falling down over all the furniture should stick to falling down over the furniture as his way of criticizing presidents.

In other words: Who cares what Chevy Chase has to say? Since when did he become a brilliant mind? I'm not saying he's stupid, but I'm also not saying he's not. He's a movie actor. He's rich. He lives behind walls and gates. Since when did he become someone qualified to publicly opine on a president?

Far as I'm concerned, Chevy has the same right as any of us to vote, the same right as any of us to mouth off and the same fate as most of us: He's likely to be ignored by most people because — well, frankly — what does he know anyway?

Seriously. Is Henry Kissinger dropping around the set of the Griswolds go to Wally World to discuss world events with Chevy? And, if not Kissinger, how about anybody who knows anything?

Answer: probably not.

Chevy, where are the Griswolds going this summer? That's what we want to know from you.

And that's My Word.

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