Illegal Alien Crime

A micro 9/11: Mary Nagle (search) allegedly killed by an illegal alien. — That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Mary was a regular American, the mother of two small children, living the dream in the suburbs north of New York City. Last Friday, a power washing company showed up at Mary's house to clean the porch. A few hours later, police say one of the workers, an illegal alien, brutally murdered the 42-year old woman. The man then called the numbers on Mary's cell phone, taunting her family and friends with what he had done.

The alien, 29-year-old Ronald Gerera Castellanos (search), is a Guatemalan, who overstayed his tourist visa four years ago and has been running around ever since. Police arrested him a few hours after Mary was found dead.

In 2002, the guy was arrested for beating up a woman, but the judge let him go. And he skipped his court appearance. Despite that, he was still able to get a job with the washing company because he carried a California driver's license.

So Mary Nagle becomes yet another victim of illegal alien killers. She is no less a victim of our government's failure to protect us than all of those who died on 9/11.

There are thousands of other Mary Nagles you will never hear about because the government doesn't keep statistics on murders by illegals and the liberal press doesn't want to report these kinds of stories.

That's because the media generally supports lenient border policy, driver's licenses for illegals, sanctuary cities, and a "humane policy" for those who come to America illegally.

Now every sane American knows that most illegals are good people, just trying to fight their way out of poverty. "Talking Points" has said that many times.

But sane Americans also know the federal government refuses to enforce the immigration laws. And that puts all of us in danger.

Now we talked with Mary's family. And they're devastated, of course. A six-year old girl and an eight-year old boy will now grow up without a mom. A husband has lost his wife. What more can anyone say?

Most of us are under the illusion that the government will protect us from evil, that the taxes we pay and the people we elect will provide us some security against killers and terrorists.

Sadly, that is not true anymore. At least 11 million people are living here illegally. And nobody knows how many of them are violent. It is long past time for the American people to rise up and demand that all governments enforce the law. No more porous borders, no more sanctuary cities, no more criminal aliens released by apathetic judges.

Unless we the people demand this, more Americans like Mary Nagle will die even as the cowardly politicians and ideological media fiddle while immigration law burns.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"...

Another dopey car chase, this one around Houston. Some thug stole a woman's purse. There he is. Oh, bang!

He's running away from the cops, first in a car and then he got knocked down. They grabbed him. This is a purse snatcher, OK? He's charged with a whole bunch of stuff, stupidity being one of the things.

The cop didn't run him over on purpose. It was a slick road, so they say. I don't know.

Anyway, it's the most "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day" because it's great video and that's why we picked it and it has no other merit.

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