Sometimes when you're digging a hole, it's a good idea to just put down the shovel. In Washington, they keep shoveling and the stuff they're shoveling doesn't smell too good. But it's a familiar odor.

The latest bombshell dropped on this very show, when the treasury's inspector general revealed housing credit checks weren't only going out to American kids, but thousands who weren't kids or Americans, they were illegals. Another 53 of them were IRS agents. That's right: The police for this program were among the beneficiaries of this program.

Ring a bell? It should.

Like the thousands of stimulus checks that went out to dead people or the thousands more that went out to prison inmates or prescriptions to patients long dead — many prescribed by doctors long dead too.

And yet with every revelation, we get this predictable response: You're making a big deal out of nothing. You're focusing on the waste that is small and not the wonder that it stays small.

No, the wonder is that it stays or continues at all.

I could see some checks going out to dead people, but 10,000 of them? That's another story. But I'll accept that. But when we follow with prescriptions going out to dead people or checks going out to incarcerated people or thousands more to folks who aren't even American people, then, people, it's time to wake up and shut this down.

And then draw a checklist up: For every check, make sure the recipient isn't dead, isn't a kid, isn't an alien, and isn't in jail. Or, you know what? We'll put you in jail.

How's that? Because if you're going to run a program as if you were felons, you might as well be treated like them.

Who knows, maybe you could swap checks while you're at it.

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