If You Inherited Bad, Then You've Only Made it Worse

I give up. Game over. But, the blame game isn't over.

Try as I might to get this administration to move on and claim ownership for this economy, it's still blaming the prior administration for this economy. More than a year in, still copping out. "The mess we inherited," "The bailouts we had to figure out," "The banks that went bust not on our watch but their watch." Blah, blah, blah.

I thought by now they'd be done with it, and claim at least some responsibility for life now as we know it. I thought wrong.

So here's what I'd like to offer the president: Not another rearview mirror, perhaps just a better one.

I mean, if you're going to say you can't control events that dropped on your lap at least give the guy you're busy bashing some slack for events that kind of dropped on his lap.

Things like a recession when he was coming in – not as serious as yours, Mr. President – but a recession nonetheless. The Clinton bubble was bursting in 2000, but we were much more focused on Bush-Gore than slowdown-snore, weren't we?

And like a market crash, a doozie, a technology stock tsunami that eventually saw the NASDAQ cut in half, so cut your predecessor a break on the cut in revenues that followed.

And things like 9/11, that little detail, a huge personal and financial hit on this country that immediately froze spending everywhere in this country and the world.

But that's not what you tell this country and the world, when you're busy blaming that last president for everything you're not doing now that you're president?

No, the events you demand we put in perspective, you nicely gloss over when presenting your own.

So you say your opponents forget the past, even as you're apparently doing 'em one better: re-writing it.

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