I don't know if he becomes president. But I do know if he does, he'll be a vindictive one.

Because say this about Barack Obama, he remembers every slight.

Whether it's a local news reporter in Orlando who had the nerve not to throw softballs or an entire news network like FOX that refuses to simply play ball.

Perhaps there's something to be said of tightly run campaigns. They stay on message.

But there is a difference with uptight campaigns. They refuse to countenance any other messages. Which is why these guys hate me.

Say I was beyond partisan and unfair to peg a lot of the recent selling to growing fears of an Obama administration.

Why is that partisan?

First off, I made a point to say "not all" the selling. I repeatedly pointed out fears of a global recession that won't quit and a global financial bailout that won't work have folks getting out of stocks.

Where I said the Obama factor came in, were these new polls of late that all but say he is "in," period.

And let's just say you're convinced the markets are going to look bad for a while. Democrat or Republican, why would you want to stay in, knowing full well the price of getting out later will be higher, should the Democrat get in.

We already know under an Obama administration, capital gains taxes will be higher, as will the top income tax rates, since a lot of investors fit that bill and fear that bill, why not get out now and pay a smaller bill?

That's not partisan. That's math.

But to a lot of Obama folks, that's it.

I'm dead. I'm gone. I'm written off.

Like a station in Chicago.

Like any one who has ever failed to be Oama-wowed, gets Oama-powed.

I see where this is going.

A campaign that will insist this is about the color of the candidate's skin.

No, in my case at least, just the thickness of it.

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