If It Bleeds, It Leads

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We in the press are often criticized for just reporting bad news. “If it bleeds, it leads,” goes the saying. That may be the reason some very good news has been lost in the shadows of doom and gloom.

Peace may be breaking out in the African nation of Sudan, the country that once gave safe haven to Usama Bin Laden (search). Two million Sudanese have been killed over 20 years, in a civil war that pitted a Christian minority against a Muslim dictatorship. Sudan is also a place where the trafficking in human beings has led to the enslavement of thousands. But after years of diplomatic arm-twisting, economic sanctions and a worldwide campaign waged to end the war, the Islamic government and Christian rebels have signed a peace pact that looks like it will stick.

What's most remarkable is that the war would rage on, were it not for a worldwide coalition of religious opposites ...including liberal Jews, conservative evangelicals, and devout Muslims, all working together for peace. It can happen.

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