I Think We Should Invite More Nuts to This Country

Having seen and heard Iranian President Ahmadinejad, I think we should invite more nuts to this country.

Far from keeping 'em out, tell 'em to come on in.

To hear his musings on everything from homosexuals, who don't exist in his country, to the Holocaust, that never happened in any country, he wasn't a threat.

He was a joke.

And these international gatherings have a nasty habit of making international thugs, international charlatans.

Remember Hugo Chavez last year and his Bush-is-Satan speech at the U.N., down to the smell of sulfur? Certifiable, my friends, absolutely certifiable.

Just like many years earlier Nikita Kruschev banging his shoe at the United Nations in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis pretty much sealed his loony-as-a-bedbug image in the eyes of most Americans.

These caricatures aren't always fair, or right, they just are.

And they just stick.

That doesn't mean they're still not dangerous. All came or come from countries that wish us ill.

But when exposed for what they are, and the nutty language they use, they win few adherents, and fewer critical praise headlines.

Just remember this, it takes a real, certifiable freak show, to get Republicans and Democrats alike agreeing... Hey, he's a real certifiable freak show.

So let 'em talk. In the end, I suspect, the only issue they'll leave hanging, is their own loose grip on sanity.

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